Our Story

Everyone knows that annoying feeling of slow  internet testing your patience again and again. You want to find an article. You want information on a good restaurant, or information on something else and you want to find it fast.  But then you need to wait for that website to load and it is taking forever.

These days, the world is changing fast because of the internet; we can look up all the information we want to know. We can also share this with people all over the world in just one click of a button. Because of the internet, it is so much easier for people to create big goals and follow their dreams.

We, from Pagespeed.guru, admire ambitious people who like to think forward and we too, have a big goal. We know the pain of waiting for a page to load in this fast-paced world.  By speeding up the internet, Pagespeed.guru wants to help producers and consumers to change the world a little bit.

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