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Looking for a trustworthy WordPress developer that can fix problems instantly? Or looking to level up and want a dev who writes his own themes and plugins? You’ve come to the right place.

Can Quickfix anything

Improves code that slows you down

Speeds up badly coded websites by 3 - 4 times faster

Designs new WordPress sites that load faster than

Knows his fair share of Growth Hacks

Loves Small and Passionate teams

Works a lot Faster than big teams

Why website speed matters

What the Big Guys think



Discovered that a 500 ms slowdown will lead to a 20% decrease in ad revenue.



Found that a 2.2s page load improvement lead to 60 million additional Firefox downloads.



Found that a slowdown of 2 seconds equals to a 2.5% fall in queries and overall clicks.



Discovered that a 400ms shorter load time translates to a 9% increase in traffic.



Learned every 100ms decrease in website speed can lead to a 1% drop in revenue.



Found that 64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with a webshop's speed doesn't come back.

MY Offer

Do you value money, time, or only want the best?

Shoot me an e-mail in English or Dutch, stating only your website and/or concerns. I’ll get back to you with a hands-on plan of what I would do, along with an estimation of the costs, after which you decide to hire me as a freelancer.

Complicated job? I work well in teams and am a very efficient project manager that knows how to spark people. Not settled on a team yet? All the better: I have a few go-to guys myself who I work with on a daily basis. Ask me for options!


Bart Proost

E: [email protected]

Happy People

A few words from my clients


Nadhila Wardhana -

My home page's Google PageSpeed went up from a 7 to 89 out of 100. Enjoying my super fast website now!


Clare Harrison -

We now rank #1 in almost every Google Search. I could not have done this by myself.


Haley Johnson -

If I knew that improving my page's loading time had a bigger impact than the months I spend on SEO, I would have done this WAY earlier!

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